Saturday, August 9, 2014


al tijariyah building, kuwait city

what was consumed: sriracha wings, loaded fries (andalous and monster), and ... burgers! including the ramen burger :O

the Q8 burger challenge lives on!

and once we heard someone was doing the ramen burger in Q8, the group could not NOT check it out. and so, for "take out tuesday," we head to kuwait city to check it out.

we started with their wings and loaded fries. there were quite a few of us, so i instated the "no doubles" rule which allowed for us to try lots of different ones. i really enjoyed the sriracha wings - not too spicy and not sweet (the way i like it!). the loaded fries were also good (but remember, i love all fries). they were on the sweet side, which some people enjoyed, but i'm more about the savory. that didn't stop me from eating my share of fries (and then some).

and the burgers! yum yum yum. l and i went half-sies so that we could enjoy a 'regular" burger and the ramen burger. double decker with cheese and egg? love~ and the ramen burger was interesting - i love ramen noodles so i loved that the "buns" were made of noodles! i have some suggestions for the patty, but none of that stopped me from gobbling up my half of the burger. hehehe.

when we visited the diner, construction on the al tijariyah building was still going on. that didn't deter us from enjoying our meal, which we definitely did. lots of laughs, lots of good conversation, and lots of yummy eats!


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