Friday, August 22, 2014


crown plaza hotel

what was consumed: the ramadan special! lots of rice, flat bread, and grilled meats 

i may still be unsure of what constitues "persian" food. what i do know if that each time i am eating what i am told is persian, i super enjoy it. b and b's mom makes some delicious persian rice and s and h's friends do some awesome persian style grilling (even if they claim that what was served was subpar). and so, when invited to persian food during one ramadan, i couldn't say no!

friends got together to break their ramadan fast at shabistan, what i've heard is the place to go for persian food. and i was not disappointed. the meats were grilled with enough spice (i.e., not overwhelming) with just enough char. and when coupled with rice (my favorite is the one with the little berries) and delicious oven baked flatbread, your bellyis just ... happy :D

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