Tuesday, August 12, 2014

coco cafe

coco cafe
grand avenue, the avenues mall

what was consumed: shrimp caesar salad, panini, mushroom soup

when kdk came to town to visit, we of course had to do at least one "hip" new cafe brunch. coco cafe had recently opened (and different from cacao, though close by), so i was excited to try it out.

kdk and i were quickly seated (we did get there early) and were given quite a bit of attention by the wait staff. our food was brought to us in a timely fashion and we definitely enjoyed our selections. the shrimp in the salad, in particular, was marinated so deliciously! i also really enjoyed their version of fries - so very crispy on the outside, nice and soft on the inside. i wish they gave me more (both of the shrimp and the fries) ... !!! yum yum yum ... 

i can see why people see coco cafe as being pretty chic and hip - good location, good decor, good attention to some of the little details. we also got the kuwaiti version of prime seating - right in the view of everyone passing by. i.e., as much as we were "being seen," we did a whole lot of veeeeery interesting people watching. hahaha. kdk, let's do this again ... soon!!!

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