Sunday, August 3, 2014

the breakfast club

the breakfast club
kuwait city

what was consumed: sweet hash benedict, full indian breakfast

after much searching, b and i finally found the kuwait city location of the breakfast club (i only later found out that their fintas branch was first). and by much searching, i mean i went around the building no fewer than 5 times trying to figure out how to get into the parking lot :/ user error.

b and i went on a week day (i took the day off - it was b's visit to Q8!) and yet the breakfast club was so full that we had to wait for a table. what? but as we were soon served our food, we could see why. some inventive twists on classic favorites (eggs benedict on top of a sweet potato hash? delicious and healthier!) and a long list of decadent pancake variations (though we opted out of that part) would make the breakfast club a shoo in for sought after breakfast places ...

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