Saturday, August 2, 2014

majbous time

majbous time

what was consumed: majbous! and potato kibbeh and grape leaves and ... 

l and i went to a Q8 film festival (they exist!) where we watched a short film poking fun at dudes' lives in Q8 (conversation about that is for another time). point is, in the film, they sat around and ate majbous and it looked delicious. and so, in the spirit of trying new things, l and i decided to check out a kuwaiti restaurant that caught her eye as she was discovering the city, mostly because it was called "majbous time."

located i old salmiya, i hadn't really seen it before, even though i had passed it probably over a hundred times (i think it's because the store front was in arabic). and upon entry, there are hardly ever more than a few customers. maybe that's why we always received such great service (also probably because we're very obviously foreigners - haha). or maybe it's because we would always eat (and super enjoy) an inordinate amount of food.

they serve pretty solid standard arab food - grape leaves, hummus, baba ganouj, etc. i like their potato kibbeh as they are pretty healthy servings. and the majous! we always ordered the one that came with the whole chicken, on a bed of rice, served with an accompanying soup. we would eat it separately, we would eat it all mixed together (the chicken, rice, and soup), but most importantly, we would eat it all. and after we finish our meal, they always bring out a few kuwaiti sweets and some tea - a nice final touch to a tasty tasty meal.

since that first time, and in the last few months of my time in Q8, i probably went back every couple of weeks, sometimes with l, sometimes with others. it turned out to be my go to place for kuwaiti eats, even though we always end up getting the majbous. and, of course, we eat with our hands :D

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