Thursday, August 14, 2014


in sha'ab, off gulf road

what was consumed: lebanese food! including hummus, tabbouleh, kibbeh, liver, potatoes, grills ... YUM

one of the many great things about eating in kuwait is the availability of some delicious middle eastern cuisine, especially lebanese. i could eat lebanese cuisine all day, every day (i did eat A LOT of it).

and so, in conversation, friends mentioned that lebnani had some amazing fare, so i of course had to try! and i was not disappointed. the creamy hummous, the crispy kibbeh (love kibbeh, especially potato kibbeh!), the fresh tabbouleh ... geez louise, my stomach is growling just thinking about lebnani's cuisine.

the only thing about lebnani is that i'm not sure i would be able to find it again. but that's mostly because the kuwaiti roads and i will never get along. but i would get a little lost if i am able to eventually make it there - so delicious. thank god for gps and google maps - hehehehe.

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