Wednesday, August 20, 2014


the village (and other locations)

what was consumed: smashburger, fries, fried pickels

okokok, so smashburger hails from colorado (i believe). but the first time i had it was in Q8, so it counts as being part of the Q8 burger challenge, right? 

some friends and i head over to smashburger even thought we knew that each burger contained an exorbitant number of calories. but there's something about a burger whose meat hangs over the side (i.e., is larger than the bun). and with the requests for additional veggies met, i thoroughly enjoyed my burger. i tried the arabic version and while i'm happy for that experience, i prefer the more usual standard smashburger. classic. on top of everything, there was the super duper fried pickles! what's not to love? i wish i had gone to smashburger more frequently. so, in my stead, please enjoy!


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