Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Q8 burger challenge, final edition

burgers, burgers, burgers!

i love burgers - there are so many things that have the potential to make them interesting. the type of bread used as a bun, the meat used for the patty and how the patty is put together, the toppings, and (of course!) the sides (can't have too many options, imo). while i've had less than satisfactory burgers, what makes an amazing burger is too hard to define.

i've also come to realize that all of my burger entries for Q8 sort of sound the same. that and i am at a loss in terms of writing about these last couple of burger places. in fact, there are some that i just can't seem to write about. it's not that i didn't enjoy all of the burger places (for the most part, i did!) it's just that my creative juices are no longer flowing (in that direction). that and some of the places have since closed, so it may not be fair to include them here, now. so, here is a quick final collection of a couple of burger joints in Q8.

burger hub
kuwait city
gulf road, opposite seif palace
tel: 965) 2464818

what was consumed: burger! and fries and fried mac 'n cheese (i''m not sure if this is still on the menu, but i sure-ly enjoyed them!)



bidaa, next to the palms
tel: 22901070

what was consumed: in addition to burgers ... onion rings, potato fries, zuccini fries



haus cafe
tel: 22410843

what was consumed: burger with guacamole, potato salad
online: hauscafekw.com


burger boutique
kuwait city
arraya mall, mezzanine ii
tel: 22997775

what was consumed: lots of burger options! and loaded fries. and chicken wings. nom nom nom ... 


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