Thursday, October 30, 2014

nurish food & drink

nurish food & drink
1231 good hope road, se, washington, dc 20020
tel: 202) 903-7134

what was consumed: lemon zest belgian waffle (belgian waffle infused with fresh lemon zest, served with fresh fruit & syrup); mushroom & gruyère tartine (open sandwich with tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, gruyère cheese, and fried egg added); indian spiced pork loin (slow-roasted, curry spiced pork, red cabbage & carrot slaw, jalapenos, fresh coriander on ciabatta); aaaaaaand spicy grilled cheese sandwich (cheddar cheese, hot peppers on pain au levain)

i've known kera carpenter for quite a few years now, both as employer and friend. i continue to frequent domku (it's a usual stop for me when in dc, especially for brunch) as i enjoy both the food and the company. over the years, i'd also heard that she was embarking on a new venture, this time in anacostia.

nurish is located in the anacostia arts center. i like that i can go, see some local art, and enjoy some delicious food. for now, the only quip i have is that i, as someone completely reliant on public transportation but less familiar with the bus routes, find it hard to get to without a vehicle (yes yes yes, i should spend a few minutes figuring out the bus situation ... !!! will do). but i imagine that will change as dc continues to change.

i've read and heard that nurish does a tasting menu/family dinner sort of event. the next time i'm in dc, i'm going to for sure check it out. can't wait!


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