Monday, October 27, 2014


2441 18th street NW, washington, dc 20009
tel: 202) 656-5285

what was consumed: RAMEN! and buns. and gyoza.

i had heard that a former PC colleague of mine invested in a ramen shop in adams morgan. it took me a few years to get there, but i finally did! and, in the era of ever appearing noodle shops, i'm always happy to see a good one join the foray. so, i grabbed friends m and n (one a seasoned eater, the other new to this sort of food world) and head out to adams morgan to try it out. and we had a blast!

sakuramen has a variety of different ramen options. it's a good introduction (imo) to those who have had little exposure to japanese ramen as the flavors are classic and simple - i like that. the noodles are well prepared - a good chewy consistency, not too soft or mushy. the broth is light and flavorful, a bit lighter than the broths i've grown to anticipate at ramen shops, but still delicious nonetheless.

sakuramen also has meat buns and other appetizers on the menu. they serve as nice starters to a meal, or can be meals in and of themselves. the buns are nice and soft and the fillings are classic and tasty. i prefer the pork over the other options (bulgogi tends to be too sweet for my liking), but i'd say you should try them all.

you'll likely find yourself enjoying your ramen while dining on the long communal table (they have a few other side tables, but i prefer the communal table). it can get a little noisy, so it may not be the vest place for an intimate and quiet conversation. that said, the experience is fun. and while i'm not a fan of dining in basements, the folks at sakuramen have done a good job not to make it feel too enclosed or claustrophobic. though, if there's a wait (and there usually is), be sure to wait outside for a bit more open space.


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