Monday, November 3, 2014


315 pennsylvania avenue SE, washington, dc 20003
tel: (202) 450-4800

what was consumed: brunch! mussels dijon (nueske's bacon, creamy whole grain mustard broth, 63 degree farm fresh egg, fried onion straws). and the brasserie burger (8oz grass fed pennsylvania beef burger, carmelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, swiss cheese, truffle aioli, frites, with farm fresh egg added). someone try the creme brûlée french toast (brioche, maple creme anglaise, blueberry compote) and let me know how it is! it's supposed to be way delish (though perhaps a little too decadent and dessert-y for me, but i'm curious!)

spike mendelsson ... again! i understand that béarnaise is actually more of a family establishment, run by spike's sister. whoever it is, though, is doing a great job, imo. the first time i went was over easter weekend, the first weekend they had brunch! we were also with béarnaise-regular, s, so she helped us maneuver through the experience.

thankfully, we had reservations for their first brunch service for right when they opened. good thing too because they were booked and didn't even have walk-in seats available. we were quickly seated, drink orders taken (their coffee is really good), and were soon greeted with some delicious (looking and tasting!) chocolate croissants to nibble on while deciding on our orders. béarnaise serves a variety of brunch favorites (e.g. omelets, ), i opted for the mussels because i can't resist mussels (and fries!)

their béarnaise sauce is a must. be sure to ask for extra so you can dip your bottomless (and delicious) fries. BOTTOMLESS!

i can't wait to visit again! i'll be sure to try out the dinner menu this time. no guarantees i won't order mussels. or a burger. again.


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