Thursday, November 6, 2014

panda gourmet

panda gourmet
2700 new york avenue ne, washington, dc 20002
tel: 202) 534-1620

what was consumed: chinese food! with lots of szechuan peppers. i'm not sure what we ate in particular or what the dishes were called. what i do know if that i ate a lot and it was delicious.

despite my years in DC, there are still hidden gems that i'd only heard about. i'd been hearing about this mysterious place that supposedly started when workers came from the sichuan province of china and wanted a taste from home. true? myth? doesn't matter - panda gourmet offers the delicious and tongue-tingle-ing flavors thanks to the liberal use of szechuan peppers.

friends and i got together for a quick meal before seeing a show at the echostage in the ne. a note to the wise: i went with a contingency of chinese language speakers and that proved veeeeery useful when it came to ordering. the staff was nice and the service efficient. and mostly all in chinese. 


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