Wednesday, December 10, 2014

right proper brewing company

right proper brewing company
624 t street nw, 20001
tel: 202) 607-BEER (hehehe - clever)

what was consumed: grilled cheese sandwich! and fried chicken livers. nom nom nom. they have quite a selection of beers as well.

what a pleasant surprise to see how the shaw/howard area has changed!

friends that i missed so much over the past couple of years were finally all back in town (myself included). we decided to check out right proper brewery and all they had to offer.

we weren't sure what the dining situation was going to be like, so we made reservations. and it was a good thing. rpb has quite a bit of seating, but the seats seem to go pretty quickly. the eatery has quite a bit of seating in the back bar area. and because you can pretty much order food at any of the bars AND benefit from the expertise of the bartenders, that is my preferred seat. hehehe.

the food at rpb was pretty rockin'. i'm biased because they have fried chicken livers and i'm a huge fan. on top of that, they have an entire corner of their menu dedicated to variations on the grilled cheese sandwiches. with bacon and veggies, please, is my preference. and the results are delish - thick and nicely toasted bread, generous helpings of cheese, thick bacon (i opted for bacon, of course), and wonderfully seasoned greens that i could have eaten as an entree all on its own.

right proper also has a great selection of beers. their servers are well versed on what is good and what to recommend, so be sure to ask questions!

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