Tuesday, December 16, 2014


422-A annandale road, 22003
tel: 703) 942-6995

what was consumed: all you can eat korean bbq!

despite my blanket statement about wanting to refrain from eating asian food (as i knew i would be enjoying a lot of it in seoul), i found myself eating a lot of asian food. because i love it. so, when friends wanted to eat at the new-ish korean bbq place (near honey pig and in that same vein), i happily obliged.

once we made it out to annandale, rain and all, we were famished. good thing, though, because that made us ready for some all you can eat korean bbq! kogiya has a basic all you can eat option and a fancier one. we opted for the basic and that was more than enough (also because you could order more of everything!). we cooked our meat, talked about how our lives had changed in the last 2 years, and speculated on how our respective next 2 years were going to be. delicious food and great company - i couldn't ask for more!
as for kogiya's decor, there's also something quite nostalgic about sitting there. the round, can-like chairs that open up so you can put your belongings inside, the tables, the grills, etc. i couldn't help but to be taken back to all of the days, in seoul, sitting at korean bbq joints eating delicious food and among great company. ahhhh~~~

like many new restaurants, kogiya has a few service issues to hammer out, but so be it. that should not stop you from visiting and enjoying korean bbq, kogiya style.

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