Tuesday, December 23, 2014

the coupe

the coupe
3415 11th street nw, 20010
tel: 202) 290-3342

what was consumed: kale salad, quinoa cake, shrimp and grits, grilled chicken, hush puppies ... 

i hear the quality of the food and service of 'the coupe' got better once they moved from an 'open 24-hours' format to a open early, close late plan. either way, i'm glad to see the coupe added as an addition to the 11th street restaurant options.

the first time i went to the coupe, c was still super preggers and mentioned to me that she wanted to eat the coupe's kale salad. before departing the wdc area, i remember hearing about the forthcoming addition to 11th street, so it worked out well that i could check out this new restaurant as well as feed a pregnant lady's cravings.

i sometimes dream about their kale caesar salad. it's so simple, but the light dusting on top of super shopped kale with a sprinkling of parmesan cheese on top is simple and delicious. one order is enough for a two-person appetizer, though i've frequently contemplated getting an entire order for myself. hahaha ...

in addition to the kale salad, the coupe offers a variety of new american fare. be sure to try the quinoa cake (not a dessert cake, and totally savory, of course).

the coupe is also a great place to sit awhile and grab a cup of coffee. they have a separate coffee bar area where you can order your cup to your liking or just grab a cup of the day's coffee. be sure to grab a seat and sit for a bit as you do a bit of people watching!

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