Sunday, December 14, 2014


1323 connecticut avenue nw, 20036
tel: 202) 524-5210

what was consumed: fried chicken, donuts

fried chicken and donuts. together or separate, i will take them all please. at gbd (gold brown delicious), you can do just that.

e and i met up for HH/dinner in dc (the first time since Q8!) and it was also going to be my chance to meet the future mr. e (hehe). gbd seemed like as good of a place as any. i was running late (of course. what happened?!), but that have e and mr. e a chance to start their drinks. upon my arrival, we quickly agreed upon our order.

mr. e was on his own. he ordered the luther: fried chicken between a sliced glazed donut. and while that sounds questionable, trust me when i say that it looked totally delish (mr. e was a total gentleman and offered, but e and i declined. we opted for the deconstructed version).

that's right. e and i opted to split a whole fried chicken and donuts for dessert. the chicken was nicely fried, though i prefer my batter with just a tad bit more salt. that said, gbd also offers quite a few sauces, so perhaps the seasoning is intentional? point is, get the fried chicken, get the sauces, and enjoy! nom nom nom ... 

sadly, they were out of the donut i wanted (i should have reserved one as soon as i sad down! alas) and the glazed donut that i requested (to order) came under cooked :( our server, though, was really hlepful about the situation and successfully worked with the kitchen in order to secure us a delicious pb&j donut. and so, in the end, we were happy campers.

oh fried chicken and donut combo, i hope you're here to stay!

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