Sunday, December 21, 2014

district of pi

district of pi
910 f street nw, 20004
tel202) 393-5484

what was consumed: kale salad, hummus plate, meatballs, thin crust pizza, deep dish pizza ... district of pi has it all!

sometimes, all you want is a slice of some chicago style deep dish pizza and then a slice of thin crust pizza after a bit of salad from a place that uses fresh ingredients and offers kind service.

after an afternoon of jazz in the sculpture garden, our large-ish group (there were 6 of us) were hungry and wanted to find a place to grab a solid bite to eat. we decided on district of pi because it was close, they could accommodate our group, and let's face it, pizza any time any day is delicious

in addition to their delicious pizzas, district of pi has a great variety of salads and appetizers. i highly recommend their kale salad (i love kale) that has a light citrus dressing, and their olive plate. nom nom nom ... if i recall correctly, district of pi also has a nice beer selection, complementing pizza quite nicely.

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