Friday, December 26, 2014

daikaya izakaya

daikaya izakaya
705 6th street nw, 20001
tel: 202) 589-1600

what was consumed: sauteed edamame
with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, chili and lemon; chawanmushi (steamed egg and dashi custard with braised shiitake, parmesan, and enoki mushrooms); chicken kara-age with chili-kewpie sauce; mentaiko mini domburi with fish roe, green onion, nori, and soy-kewpie over a bowl of rice, pork and brussels sprouts skewer “okonomiyaki-style” with kewpie mayo, okonomiyaki sauce, bonito akes, and aonori

on the second floor, above the daikaya ramen shop, is the daikaya izakaya. they focus on japanese style "small plates" that draws from classic japanese izakaya dishes and a bit of fusion flair, creating deliciously interesting flavors all within the japanese lens. YUM.

so, when the baseball game we were supposed to attend got rained out, we head over to daikaya izakaya in hopes for a respite from the wet rain (we looked for delicious options on the green line). our group had already shared some ben's chili bowl chili fries at the ballpark, but really, that just whet our appetites and we were starving.

with it being a school night and because of the rain, daikaya izakaya had a few available seats (though the ramen shop downstairs was packed). we quickly sat down, was greeted by a bubbly and knowledgeable server, and ordered a variety of dishes with the intention of sharing. good idea!

and when you go, don't forget about the ramen on the first floor of daikaya (turn over is pretty quick, so stick around for a bit if there's a line). the broth is just the right amount of salty (yes, i recognize that japanese-style ramen is known for being on the salty side - YUM) while still being a rich pork broth. i like my ramen with extra veggies (the kitchen chars them just right before placing them in your bowl) and a side of the spicy pork paste that you can add as an option. sometimes, i will get the veggie ramen with a side of pork (chashyu). i don't know how they make the veggie ramen broth, but it is rich and super duper delish! photos forthcoming. 

i can't wait to go again. good times with good people and delicious delicious food! nom nom nom ... 


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