Tuesday, January 20, 2015

taqueria del distrito federal

taqueria del distrito federal
3463 14th St NW
tel202) 276-7331

what was consumed: tamales (only on the weekends!), carne asada torta, tacos tacos tacos, and their spicy green sauce that comes with chips that i want to pour on to everything

taqueria del distrito federal is one of my favorite (and my go to) latin american places. people have told me it's more mexican, others have told me it's more salvadorian. i've realized that when i'm devouring some tamales, it doesn't really matter to me. hahaha ...
when c and i have a hankering for tex mex, distrito federal is our go to place. their home made fare (chips!), their delicious salsas, and so on. distrito federal has some indoor seating, but we try to get there to sit outside. distrito federal's strategic location near the heart of columbia heights makes for some awesome people watching.

we make sure we go on the weekends because i have a weakness for tamales (will someone just offer to provide me a lifetime supply of their abuela's tamales? thanks in advance) and distrito federal only offers them on the weekends. the shell is soft and is filled with tasty carnitas, all wrapped in a corn husk. and when you peel the corn husk away, there is delicious tamale waiting for you. sometimes i use sour cream, usually i don't. argh. so delicious.

and while tamales are my go to selection, i will frequently add a selection of tacos and the carne asada torta (i usually cut myself a slice and then eat the rest at home). the tacos are filled with delicious meats, more meat than anything else, topped with a bit of salsa and other fresh veggies (i.e., onions. which i will sometimes pick out because it's just so much. others seem to really enjoy it). the carne asada torta is really a slab of beef with delicious salsas as sauces, topped with tomatoes and slices of mexican cheese.

where is c? distrito federal, now! muy muy delicioso!

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