Monday, January 26, 2015


2200 pennsylvania avenue nw, 20037
tel: 202) 587-6258

what was consumed: burgers! i think we had the tejas and the big daddy. and fried stuff - potatoes sweet and regular.

burgers, taps, and shakes! i'm always game for a good burger. and when you're overseas, even in a place where they serve good burgers, there's something like coming home to the good 'ol US of A and enjoying a big, hearty burger. so, when k and i got together for the first of many meals, we were both happy to enjoy some good 'ol american fare at bts.

bts offers a wide range of burgers. you can create your own or you can go with their signature combinations (i recommend this). some of their combinations are a bit sauce-y, but some will argue that that is necessary for a solid burger. i like that heir patties are hearty and come just as you order them (i.e., you don't have to worry that your burger will be well-done when you order medium rare. and it's ok (and actually recommended) to order it medium rare! ahh, america, i've missed you).

and the sides! don't forget to add a serving of fries, either regular or sweet! or, let's face it, just get fries. i hear the shakes are to die for, but i'll have to wait for you to tell me what you think. i will say that they have a good beer selection.

i'm also happy to see the good addition of bts to the collection of eateries out there in foggy bottom, a convenient location for me (and all of those gw kids as well as those follks working in the area). 

i want a bts burger (with fries) NOW ... please. thanks in advance.

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