Friday, January 30, 2015

rose's luxury

rose's luxury
717 8th street se, 20003
tel202) 580-8889

what was consumed: the entire menu. seriously. we said, "one of each please." 

bon apetite named rose's luxury the best restaurant of 2014 (or something like that). i can totally see why.

the bunch of us decided to take others' recommendation and wait in line for the first seating. while some people say that a 5:30pm dinner time is too early, i prefer eating early. the only challenge is that everyone in our party has to be in attendance for the restaurant to seat us. sadly, that was the problem. but fear not! we parked ourselves at the upstairs bar, where all of the food options were still available, and began our plan of action.

there were enough of us for us to decide on a mini tasting menu of our own. minus a few of the pastas, we decided we wanted to try everything. so that's what we did. "minus xxxx and xxxx, we'll take one of everything." and being able to order like that? yeah, felt really good.

now, about the pastas. there was a little incident (we received some bad customer service from some of the wait staff and expressed our frustration to our bartender, mostly because we were shocked that that was something we'd experience at roses). nonetheless, our bartender/server brought out tasting plates of the pastas to soothe our wounds. wounds, what wounds? woohoo! we were happy with his genuine apology; the pastas were heaping scoops of cream cheese icing on the cake!

now, about the other food. DE-LI-CIOUS. i loved some dishes more than others, though i was happy to have tried them all. the egg dish i could have eaten a gallon of and i wished i had a larger stomach so that i could enjoy a whole order of the ginormous brisket dish (served for sharing). the presentation was comfortable, but classy. though that didn't matter all that much since all of our food was devoured pretty much as soon as the plates hit the tables.

the ambiance at rose's is also pretty spectacular. comfortable and casual, sorta hipster, sorta pretentious, sorta country bumpkin, sorta sophisticated, sorta avant garde ... all wonderful. and i enjoyed the family style, sort of farm-to-table sense that the restaurant oozed from its pores. but you know what? totally enjoyed it all.

rose's does a rotating/seasonal menu, so i will definitely go back to try other things. and maybe even dish out for the rooftop special dining situation ... yes! more delicious food please!

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