Sunday, February 1, 2015

le diplomate

le diplomate
1601 14th street nw, 20009
tel202) 332-3333

what was consumed: mussels, steak, chicken liver mousse

le diplomate has been on my list (as it has been on everyone's list) as soon as it opened. and despite invites time and time again, i turned them down to wait for bjl to get in to town. bjl has his own story with le diplomate (i'll let you hear it from him) and i was happy to save my visit to le diplomate so that i could go with him.

we walked in, reservations in hand. we were quickly engrossed by images of delicious bread being cut, a bar overflowing with food and drink, and food passing by as the staff prepared our seat. bjl knew what he was going to order, but i kept going back and forth between so many delicious options. i was distracted! our server placed a delicious basket of bread with quite a variety along with a healthy scoop of butter. which, turns out, i couldn't get enough of it as i slathered the butter on as much of the bread as i could. and they bring you more!

we started with the chicken liver mousse, a large serving of creamy mousse which arrived with deliciously toasted bread. we then quickly moved to mussels that were perfectly cooked in broth that i wanted to slurp up. and the steak frites! the frites were so crispy! salted and seasoned with such balance! and the steak was cooked so deliciously - seared so well on the outside, juicy and medium rare on the inside.

some comment on the frenchie-ness of the service, but we had a great experience. our server was well versed in the different dishes and able to ask all of our questions, our dishes brought with an air of pride for their tastiness, and everything cleaned up in good time. wonderful!

my frenchie foodie friends also really like le diplomate. that's a good sign, eh?

oh, just thinking about their chicken liver mousse is making me mouth water. i want to go to there and eat, eat, eat!

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