Monday, February 23, 2015

craft & commerce

craft & commerce
675 west beech street, san diego, 92101
tel: 619) 269-2202

what was consumed: devils on horseback (aka bacon wrapped dates), chicken wings ... and drinks! craft & commerce has a great selection of cocktails, both with and without the booze (i got the cucumber mint limeade - YUM).

san diego, part ii!

after a delicious lunch of sushi at sushi ota, s and i wanted to go somewhere with good ambiance, good drinks, and good food. a nice mid-day snack, you might say. she remembered a cute area in downtown san diego. so, after a bit of walking around (and a bit of a parking challenge), we set up shop at craft & commerce. 

a few delicious drinks, good conversation, delicious snacks, and all with the ocean breeze. what more could we ask for? i even may have made some comments about having eating too many dates while in Q8, but even these bacon wrapped dates called my name. YUM. craft & commerce had so many delicious things on their menu - i can't wait to go back and try the rest!


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