Wednesday, February 11, 2015

district taco

district taco
1309 F street nw, 20004
tel: 202)347-7359

what was consumed: burrito bowl! with beans, rice, steak (my choice of protein) and lots and lots of salsa piled on.

there can never be too many tex-mex-ish options!

friends and i got together for a quick bite to eat at district taco before heading out to see a show at POV (yeah, it was an out of the ordinary show venue, but it was still super fun). district taco offers fresh ingredients presented in  tex-mex fashion - burritos, bowls, tacos, etc. that basics are set - beans, rice, protein, veggies. then you pile on from their salsa bar, my favorite part. lots of people compare district taco to chipotle. say what you will. i'm glad i got to try district taco and i'll be back! yum.

there are a few other locations of district taco. it doesn't matter which, just make sure you make it out to district taco!

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