Wednesday, February 25, 2015

phil's bbq

phil's bbq
3750 sports arena boulevard, san diego, ca 92110
tel: 619) 226-6333

what was consumed: baby back ribs with potato salad ... and onion rings!

san diego, part iii!

what a great way to wrap up a delicious delicious day of eating!

s had been stuck in quite a few lines in order to enjoy some phil's, so we made sure we got to phil's at an off time. we were keeping traffic back to the o.c. in mind as well. we ended up at phil's at an off hour and there was still a line :O how is that possible?! that also let us know that the food we were about to enjoy would be that much more enjoyable. and despite everything else we had consumed up until then, we were ready!

phil's offers a slew of classic bbq options. pork or beef ribs, burgers, the fixin's ... you name it, phil's has it. and you can be sure they are delicious. we opted for the crispy onion rings (and yes, they were delicious) along with the potato salad that was really simple. and all of these were great accompaniments to the fall-off-the-bone ribs. imo, as not-a-sauce-fan, i prefer dry ribs. that said, the sauce was pretty tasty and i didn't mind the mess i was making as i gobbled up the delicious ribs on my plate.

and while i was admittedly less than hungry by the time we got to part iii of our delicious day, the delicious aroma coming from phil's did not prevent me from continuing to enjoy. i can't wait to go back and perform (i.e., eat) better. let's go!


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