Friday, February 27, 2015


8325 lincoln boulevard, los angeles, CA 90045
tel: 310) 338-7223

what was consumed: uni! and a ramen and a spicy tuna bowl lunch special combination place. and, of course, and to the chef's disbelief, seaweed salad. he told me it would be too much food. i was ready for and accepted the challenge. hahaha.

friend k told me about kanpai after our long conversation about our mutual love for uni. so, while in LA, i took her recommendation and head over to kanpai. 

i sat at the sushi bar and took a look at kanpai's delicious menu. while i knew my primary goal was to enjoy uni, i wanted to see what else they offered. i opted for a combo plate that would give me a small taste of different things. along with a seaweed salad. and while i was ready to challenge the chef re: too much food, i had to admit that i definitely ordered enough for 2 people. at least. that's ok - i sat myself down, took my time, and super enjoyed my meal.

and here is a photo of the delicious uni i consumed. i should have ordered more. right after i gobbled these pieces up, i spent a lot of time wondering if it would be acceptable for me to put in another order. for more. lots more:
must. eat. more.


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