Tuesday, February 17, 2015

great wall szechuan house

great wall szechuan house
1527 14th street nw, 20005
tel: 202) 797-8888

what was consumed: pan fried noodles, crispy beef szechuan style, and delicious mapo tofu

sometimes, all you want is some good chinese food. and if they use the szechuan peppers that might make your mouth numb, all the better. when in town, be sure to check out great wall szechuan!

friend f and i got together, after a bit of HHing, for some sort of comfort food. we'd commented on wanting to eat spicy food, but our primary goal was to stuff our faces (we did). the spices were definitely a welcome perk. because, you know, sometimes all you want is a nice combination of asian-y spices on a bed of fluffy and steaming white rice. definitely not something i have as often as people may think, but something i enjoy each and every time. YUM.

i've also seen notices saying that great wall szechuan house also does hot pot. FOR REALS? i haven't tried it, but in addition to all of the other delicious chinese options, i will have to go back for hot pot. have you been? thoughts?

nom nom nom ...


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