Saturday, February 21, 2015

sushi ota

sushi ota
4529 mission bay drive, san diego, ca 92109
tel: 858) 270-5670

what was consumed: sushi sushi sushi ... chef's choice. to include uni. of course.

san diego, part i!

while on home leave part 2 in, friend s and i planned to get together to catch up, take a break, and enjoy some reminiscent deliciousness from san diego (where we went to school. s was much better about having visited some of these tried and true areas. i was too busy trying to complete my program. i wish i would've stopped to smell the roses back then. anyway ...)

s mentioned wanting to go back to one of her all time favorite sushi places. we were talking about how much we loved uni (who doesn't?!) and i was all in. i knew that we were in the right place when, behind us in line, were a gaggle of seasoned japanese ladies conversing in japanese. a good sign!

the both of us opted for a variation of omakase: chef's choice. i'm not sure how they calculated our bill (it all made sense at the end), but we were so glad that that was our selection. the fresh fresh sushi, delicious uni, and, a lots of different selections that the chef decided were the fresh-est and best for us to eat. YUM. to top off our meal, the double friend shrimp in the soup! 

be sure to make reservations or get there early so that you don't have to wait to enjoy their delicious cuisine! and, let's face it. even if you do have to wait, be sure to add sushi ota to your list!


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