Sunday, February 15, 2015

kangaroo boxing club

kangaroo boxing club
3410 11th street nw, 20011
tel: 202) 505-4522

what was consumed: brunch! with a side of mac & cheese and a big house salad.

after a few years on the BMENA region, i can't help but cry out for delicious pork dishes. how do others who have entire careers there do it?! good question. anyway, c and i were on a quest for a delicious brunch and pork on the menu was preferred.

kbc has a nice selection of dishes for brunch. some are classic (eggs, bacon, toast, etc.) and some twists on classic favorites. i was most in to the pork options: breakfast-zed pulled pork, lots of bacon, all with a side of some sort of potato, coupled with bottomless drip coffee. and when the fare is delicious, i can't help but to cry out - i'll have s'more please!

in addition to some of the delicious brunch options, they have a slew of sides that i'd highly recommend. in particular, mac and cheese. while you generally can't go wrong with this comfort food, there's something about being able to enjoy it 1) with breakfast, and 2) as cheesy (literally) as possible.

and for the michigan (university of, not state) fans, we understand kangaroo boxing club is your place. that is, if you missed the gigantic "M" that hangs on the outside of the eatery. hahaha. and even if you're not a fan (or a fair weather fan), be sure to come and eat! yummy~~~


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