Tuesday, February 3, 2015

astro donuts and fried chicken

astro donuts and fried chicken
1308 G street NW, 20004
tel: 202) 809-5565

what was consumed: sriracha wings (we went on a tuesday!), and donuts. lots of them. my favorite? creme brûlée

yay, donuts and fried chicken! may the trend continue.
friend brandon once mentioned to me that he wanted to get astro's. it had been some time since i'd fallen off the wdc food world, so i wasn't sure what he was talking about. turns out, astro's popped up during the time i was away. point is, now that i knew about it, he and i were determined to go, both for the chicken wings and for the donuts. note: sadly, we were not able to go together, but did end up going separately. we compared notes and both of us are fans fans fans!

after a day of walking around the mall, bjl and i took the fact that we were downtown-ish to check out astro's. that it was a tuesday (sriracha wings day!) was also a total draw.
once we neared the location, we saw a small storefront that already seemed to have a short line outside it. yes, astro's. we hemmed and hawed (for 2 seconds) before getting in line. the line moved quickly and, lucky for us, an even longer and faster growing line appeared behind us before our very eyes. we were able to secure one of the few seats in front of astro's. and because it was such a great day, we couldn't not!

we ordered a few of the wings and donuts for trying as well as a few more for sharing (later). the wings were delicious - spicy, not sweet, and crispy! oh, and 1 wing order includes a wing and drummette. and the donuts? oh my goodness. so many different and unique flavors, where to begin? i had heard that the creme brûlée was delicious, so that was a must. along with so many others. the donuts were light, sweet (as they should be), not overly fried, totally delicious. we may have started eating the ones we had intended on sharing with friends later that day. with no regret. yes, the donuts were that delicious. 

i hear astro's started as a food truck. and while i was a follower of food trucks at some point, i'm glad they now have a brick and mortar option. i know when they open, when they close, and where they are. and now, i can go more frequently. i wanna eat their luther. i'm gonna get so fat. hehehe.

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