Saturday, February 7, 2015


1541 14th street nw, 20005
tel: 202)232-0920

what was consumed: a nice selection of different things off their menu. a few things from their antipasta menu, salad, cheese, and (of course) pizza!

friend vicki and i were to meet for dinner, the first time in a couple of years. etto was on my radar as a place to check out, so it was an easy suggestion to make. pizza, italian fare, and good conversation with a good friend? yes please!

etto has a series of antipasto that they have on display in their bar area. as we waited for our seat, we drooled longingly at the options that may be available to us. you can be sure we ordered a couple of them. in particular, i really enjoyed the roasted chick peas. the peas are roasted and salted in their pods, served cold. you take one, with shell, and pop the chick pea into your mouth straight from the pod. or, if you're like me and enjoy a strong helping of the roasted flavor, you can pop the entire thing into your mouth and spit out (in a lady-like fashion, of course) the shell. i was 2-seconds from ordering a second helping of this dish.

the highlight (and goal?) was ... pizza! the pizza is served thin crusted, hot and piping. so delicious. you can see all of the fresh ingredients that they place on the pizza. 

after all of this, there was little room for anything else, so vicki and i opted out of dessert. i want to go back and try more off the menu, a menu that is always changing!

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