Saturday, January 24, 2015

g by mike isabella

g, by mike isabella
2201 14th Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20009, United States
tel: 202) 234-5015

what was consumed: tasting menu! and the roasted cubano and roasted cauliflower sandwiches for lunch.
turns out, i'm a fan of mike isabella's establishments. so i jumped at the opportunity to visit mike isabella's sandwich shop by day, price fixe dinners by night place "g." 

rockstar m and i were getting together for the first time in months and while he told me stories about life on the road and i told him about my first tour as an FSO, we enjoyed multiple courses of tasty treats. our meal started with multiple small and fresh bites, presented on a large tray, a bite for each of us. we then moved to pasta dishes (rockstar m and i opted for 1 of each of the options so that we had more to try).

the dishes were as delicious as they were pretty to look at. i'll also comment on the value. at $40 per person for dinner, i'll wholeheartedly concur that the meal was delicious and affordable. i can't even begin to describe how delicious all of the bites were. i secretly hoped rockstar m wasn't hungry (he is never not hungry. like me. haha) and not-so-secretly hoped i had another stomach so that i could enjoy the entire meal again. good good coupled with good company always makes for delicious delicious evenings!

bjl and i then later went back to try their sandwiches. we were looking for something delicious, but quick. in response to my recent viewing of the movie "chef," we opted for the cuban sandwich and the recommended roasted cauliflower sandwich. half-sies, of course. and how do they do it?! the bread, the filling, the sauces! i sort of didn't want to go half-sies (except that i wouldn't have been able to stuff all of that in my belly, so i'mm glad we did). i could have also eaten all of the fillings on their own. cuban sandwich insides? roasted cauliflower insides? YES PLEASE.

when mike isabella changes his dinner tasting menu, i for sure wanna go back with bjl. and sandwiches, ALWAYS. delish!

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