Wednesday, January 28, 2015


inside chevy chase pavillion
5335 wisconsin avenue nw #201, 20015
tel: 202) 803-8020

what was consumed: oysters! and woodfire oven pizza. and desserts. and homemade soda!

bryan voltaggio! beginning with the top chef days, who didn't have a crush on either of the voltaggio brothers? i still want to make it out to volt (it's faaaaaaar), but in the mean time, i'll make it out to range.

after getting rained out from a washington nationals game, and then some earlier eats at daikaya, friends and i head to range to meet others for some late night treats. friends and i head to range because we heard that they did a reverse happy hour for their oysters. i even called ahead of time to see if their seafood tower was still on the happy hour menu (it wasn't). that said, they still had a reverse hh special and we most definitely enjoyed quite a few oysters. so fresh, expertly shucked, accompanied by countermand that i might have thought about eating alone. 

not knowing when we'd get a chance to come back to range, we also ordered a few other things because 1) we wanted to try, and 2) we were getting reverse hungry (i.e., hungry again after dinner had digested). i enjoyed the creative toppings that sad atop my thin crust pizza. and while i used to be one to use a fork and knife to consume pizza, i now just shovel slices into my face.

and the desserts! with just enough sweetness to curb that little tug for sugar at the end of a delicious meal. and so pretty! almost too pretty to eat. of course, that didn't prevent all of us from digging in to get small tastes of our own.

thank you, bryan voltaggio! range's food is delicious. i can't wait to try the rest!

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