Thursday, December 18, 2014

queen of sheba

queen of sheba
1503 9th street nw, 20001
tel: 202) 232-7788

what was consumed: sambusas, the vegetarian platter, lamb tibs, and lots of injera. queen of sheba also has the whole wheat injera (i still prefer the regular. and queen of sheba's injera is super delish).

my new favorite ethiopian restaurant! the ingredients are fresh, the injera is delicious, the clientele is ethiopian, and the service is good. win win!

so, i super love ethiopian food. there's something about the delicious flavors that are made more delicious with the sourdough-like injera and made more fun because you eat with your hands!

as is the case other recommendations i've made at ethiopian restaurants, i suggest starting with sambusas, then ordering a veggie sampler and then meat dishes, depending on the number in your party. the sambusas at queen of sheba are fried to order, it feels, as they are piping hot when served. the wrapper is crispy on the outside and the lentils on the inside have a light and simple dressing that's just a touch peppery. foor the veggie sampler, you are given an option of 4 or 7. i like ordering their lentils and their split yellow peas - pretty standard findings in lots of other restaurants' veggie platters. but my favorite is always the collards. i might have ordered double servings of the collards and intentionally ordered the larger option just to do that. i'm just saying. haha. for the meat options, i like ordering lamb dishes at ethiopian restaurants because the spices that are used ensure that the game-i-ness of lamb, that people don't like, is minimized. also, be sure the tibs you order come in the berbere sauce (is that what it's called? the red, ethiopian curry?), sort of spicy curry. once, c and i ordered lamb and it came out in a broth instead. while delicious, i prefer the curry. and we still pretty much demolished our order.

and, always, share-sies

i find myself ensuring i eat ethiopian food at least once while in the wdc area. queen of sheba is also open for lunch, so be sure to stop by! and if i'm in town, CALL ME. i will certainly go share-sies with you.

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