Sunday, April 10, 2016

joong shim (중심)

joong shim (중심)
서울 용산구 녹사평대로 32길 14
tel: 02) 2235-0707

what was consumed: "salad" kahl-gook-soo, kko-ma kimbap, jjambbong kahl-gook-soo

noodles! i love noodles. and this great little place in itaewon specializes in korean flour noodles, cut with a knife (and so, appropriately, named "knife noodles"). 

in our attempt to fill our empty bellies post-work, a and i head over to joong shim. we'd heard about this place and even tried to visit at a previous time (it was closed. turns out, they close early AND they have weird-ish hours). but on this day, we were successful - they were open, serving food, and we were hungry.

we ordered the recommended fare - salad noodles, noodles served in spicy seafood stew, and mini kimbap in both regular and spicy. YUM.

some highlights: the noodles are so chewy and delicious! the dressing on the salad is such a delicious way to use black sesame! the spicy seafood stew was made with a bit of tomato sauce for a delicious rendition of "east meets west." the spicy kimbap had just a little bit of spice in the tuna, just enough to let you know it was there and just enough for you to want more.

a and i definitely left more full than we had intended, filled with delicious noodles and kimbap. go and enjoy!

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