Friday, March 11, 2016

kiku (기꾸)

kiku (기꾸)
what was consumed: omakase sushi ... !!!

omg, sushi. so delish. and when it comes from a place like kiku, even better! fresh fish, simple presentation, interesting (and tasty) combinations:

if you get a chance, and you're in a small group (like two ... or one!), be sure to sit at the sushi bar and chat with the sushi chef as he prepare the dishes. he might tell you that you're eating the wasabi incorrectly and give you instructions on how to enjoy it (or maybe that's just me ... hahaha), but for sure he makes for a good conversation partner and story teller. 

so, be sure to make your reservation, and include me! i'm ALWAYS game for some kiku!

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