Tuesday, April 12, 2016

retrona pie: tart & more

retrona pie: tart & more
서울특별시 종로구 팔판길 39; also, 서울특별시 종로구 팔판동 17-2tel02) 735-5668
what was consumed: coffee and dessert! specifically: banana, strawberry, and earl grey pie slices

team building aka forced fun (but delicious, in our case), part ii.

after a delicious lunch and some walking around (did i mention that the team building activity/forced fun was a scavenger hunt? the coordinators did a really great job and we had lots of fun. definitely a successful team building activity ... and without trust falls! imo, thank goodness!), it was time for a little pick me up. aka coffee and dessert! as we were in the bukcheon area, the team remembered a cute bakery/cafe which was a favorite of a previous deputy chief (she left before i arrived at post, so while i have never met her, i feel like i know her because i've heard so much about her!). anyway, it seemed an appropriate location for our mid afternoon break and snack.

retrona pie specializes in baked goods, specifically tarts (as its name suggests). our team ordered a slew of coffees and a couple of different tarts to share and for tasting. and oh, how delicious! the crusts as just firm enough to hold the shape of the tarts, but not so firm that you can't take a fork-full for tasting. the pies are so creamy and not too sweet (just the way i like them), using what i felt was just the right amount of flavor to hint at the essence without overpowering the topping, whether it be earl grey cream, strawberries, or caramelized bananas. my coffee was ok (i prefer mine a little darker/stronger) and others enjoying with me had no complaints. a quite note: each slice of pie does come with a bit of a high price tag. it was worth it, for me, because eat bit was so delicious! remember to bring me back a piece when you visit retrona pie!

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