Thursday, April 14, 2016


서울 종로구 동숭동 31-19
tel: 02) 3673-5005

what was consumed: pizza! and spicy pasta

during my second year in seoul, i opted to move churches and join my extended family to attend our "family" church (aka the church my family has been attending for decades). in addition to the spiritual feeding, i looked forward to sunday lunches with my cousins. when craving pizza, we head to pizzeria'o on the regular.

while pizzeria'o has a variety of pastas and salads on their menu, pizzeria'o specializes in the thin crust, wood fired, pizzas. and delicious ones at that. the pizza dough is tasty just by itself and when you couple it with a bit of the sauce and/or cheese that has fallen off of an already consumed pizza slice, well, there are few things that are better. 

one of my favorite non-pizza dishes is their spicy pasta. it's served in a bowl that has been covered with some dough (and that passes through the wood fire oven). your server brings the dish to your table and, in a sort of performance (which, we'd been told, is a part of the service), will slice the crust off the top of your bowl with instructions on enjoying the bread with the ample amounts of sauce in the pasta dish. under the dough cover, there certainly is ample (spicy!) sauce, covered in cheese, and rigatoni that is just waiting for your consumption. YUM.

per their website, their fresh ingredients (specifically the basil and arugula) come form their organic farm on a daily basis. what? even better! 

i usually visit pizzeria'o on sundays for lunch. but when we plan for pizza, we definitely make a beeline right after church services in order to ensure a seat, despite their ample seating options (they have an upstairs area as well). yes, pizzeria'o is located in the ever popular daehak-no area, off of hyehwa station, but i can see why pizzeria'o is so popular. let's go, let's go, let's go! nom nom nom ...

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