Tuesday, April 19, 2016

refresh 5.7

refresh 5.7
서울특별시 종로구 새문안로5길 37; also at 서울특별시 종로구 도렴동 60 도렴빌딩 지하1층 39호tel02) 720-5757

what was consumed: salad! i like the hello santorini ... YUM.

there was a time, in seoul, where getting a really good salad was difficult to come by. they've come a long way from their iceburg lettuce or the shredded cabbage with ketchup and mayonnaise (both of which i still enjoy, of course), but sometimes i just want a fancy salad with fancy greens. so, when BLA introduced me to refresh 5.7, i was overjoyed.

the location we visit, near korea's ministry of foreign affairs, is super tiny (only about 10 seats), so we raced over to nab a spot so that we could eat on location. good thing, too, because within a few minutes, there was a line down the hall of folks who were either waiting for a seat to open up or to put in a take-out order. it's also important to note that while they have a take-out option, i'm fully convinced that my salad is bigger when i eat in versus when i eat out. at least it feels bigger.

the posters in refresh 5.7 tell me that their veggies come from CSA-like programs, so they are able to provide a variety of interesting greens to fill your salad bowl. all of the different dressings are made for refresh 5.7 and the ingredients are all swap-able (e.g. i order my hello santorini with chicken instead of shrimp for no other reason that i just want to eat the chicken). they can also make totally veggie options by subbing tofu for whatever other protein may be on the menu.0 each salad also comes with a piece of bread (which i frequently decline. if you do so when you order, they'll usually put a few more greens in your bowl. yes!).

thank you, refresh 5.7, for being in existence. i love you so much ;D


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