Sunday, April 17, 2016


서울특별시 용산구 녹사평대로 236; also 서울특별시 용산구 이태원동 656 2층


what was consumed: pizza! and mac 'n cheese with bacon

a friend of mine, allergic to dairy, once told me he went to cheesewick and had a delicious meal. i wasn't sure why he went (with his dairy allergy and all), but decided to see for myself if cheesewick lived up to its name. so, on a cold winter day, m, a, and i head over to cheesewick.

like many of the hip-ish places near gyung-ri-dan gil, cheesewick sits, maybe, 30 people. right as you walk in, you see the dim lighting, high top stools as well as regular four-top tables. the chalkboard listed the menu along with beer specials. and most everything had cheese (with some items having the ability to "hold" the cheese. you know. for friends with allergies). YESSSSS! 

on this cold and quiet monday evening, we grabbed a seat next to the window. we decided what cheese covered dish we'd be enjoying and quickly put in our order. and now, the waiting and anticipation.

note: i find my love of cheese so strange, especially when i consider how much i hated cheese as a kid. i didn't understand why my mom and sister wanted to cover everything with cheese. blech. and then i grew up and got some taste buds. hahaha. and now, i can't get enough. the sharper the better, the stinkier the better, and when there are those little crystals in the aged cheese, oh YUM.

anyway, contrary to what i had remembered about cheese in korea, our dishes came out, loaded with oozing and delicious CHEESE. the pizza crust was nice and thin, but thick enough to hold all of the cheese (and bacon, as our case may be). and the mac 'n cheese! overflowing with cheese, macaroni that was cooked just right, and with just a touch of a broiled topping.

the only downside with all of the cheese is seeing it when the dishes cool down. of course, maybe not hte most appetizing, but as we thought about what it looked like just minutes ago, and because it still tasted delicious, we easily overcame it and continued enjoying!

must. go. again.

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