Saturday, April 16, 2016


서울특별시 중구 다산로 41 선교제일교회; also 서울특별시 중구 신당동 366-440
tel02) 2236-0770

what was consumed: insalata gioconda (fresh salad with rucola, parmigiano, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, apple and balsamic vinegar, lasagna nonna silvana (baked sfoglie filled with bolognese sauce - original "nonna silvana” recipe -, mozzarella, parmigiano and béchamel), gnocchi al pesto (pine nuts, basil, parmigiano and extra-virgin olive oil), quattro formaggi pizza (gorgonzola, mozzarella, emmental and parmigiano)

brera italian kitchen and bar dis
trict (not to be confused with the online fashion shop) is a delicious italian spot that has quickly turned into many's go to place for delish italian fare.

after a raved about her experience there (and after my own experience at a delish group event there), a, m, and i decided we wanted our own brera experience. even with no reservation (we got lucky - we agreed to eat with a restricted amount of time), we were seated immediately and we started to order away - a salad, a stuffed pasta (the recommended lasagna), a gnocci dish (because i can't not), a pizza, and wine.

all of brera's pastas are home made, and you can tell! the pasta has just the right amount of elasticity that shows that not only were the ingredients fresh, but that they were never dried and then cooked perfectly. the oozing cheese, the meaty sauce. i prefer a more tomato-y sauce, but i will take brera's nonna silvana recipe! delish all the way to the end. the gnocci was pillowly without being overly starchy and dense. the pesto was just the right amount of basil-y, nutty, and oily. what little sauce remained toward the end of the dish was scooped up by the pizza crust. and yes, the pizza! a thin, but tasty, crust that supported all four of the cheeses.

the wine drinkers at my table also commented on the affordability (for korea) and wide selection of wines, available both by the glass and by the bottle.

so, listen to the raves! it'll be worth the short ride to hangakjin station (brera is about a block away from the station, so no excuses!). delicious!

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