Monday, April 18, 2016

seh mah eul restaurant (새마을 식당)

seh mah eul restaurant (새마을 식당)
서울특별시 종로구 삼봉로 68; also at 서울특별시 종로구 청진동 6tel02) 364-6602

what was consumed: 7-minute kimchee stew!

sometimes, all you want (and need) is some good 'ol kimchee stew. and when it's one of those days, friends and i will visit seh mah eul for their kimchee jjigae (stew). YUM.

for lunch, most will order the kimchee stew (note: seh mah eul also does korean-style bbq with table top meat grilling. some people order this during lunch (with soju, of course), but most are there for the kimchee stew). the ajumma will place that day's banchan (side dishes), rice, and a pot of stew, enough for the number of people in your party. she'll then start the timer which has been pre-set for 7 minutes. once the timer goes off, the stew is ready for enjoyment. woohoo! 

at seh mah eul, this is how i enjoy my kimchee stew: in the large bowl, scoop in 1-part rice (i usually use half the rice you've been served), i-part shredded dried seaweed at your table, 1-part kimchee stew. repeat, as appropriate (i usually repeat - ha!). the first time i visited seh mah eul, i saw others enjoying their meal this way and it totally worked and i was totally on board. YUM.

there are quite a few locations, but we frequent the one near the office. i prefer visiting seh mae eul restaurant in the winter because it gets really warm inside, especially with a burner going at each of the tables. 

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