Sunday, August 30, 2015

wang thai

wang thai
176-2 itaewon-dong, yongsan-gu, seoul
tel: +82 2-749-2746

what was consumed: papaya salad! pad thai! red curry! appetizer platter!

there is no such thing as too much thai food. lucky for me, there are a few reliable eateries close-by. 

if i remember correctly, wang thai has been around for some time now. and despite the ongoing argument about the best thai places in seoul (wang thai's name is frequently included in diners' top ten lists), wang thai is a tried and true favorite, a solid go to for thai food, albeit a little on the expensive side (of course, expensive compared to food in thailand). that said, i'm happy to pay for delicious food.

friend kenny and i went to wang thai to eat and chat (haha) and we were not disappointed. their papaya salad was served with just the right amount of fish sauce, peanuts, and spice, just the way i like it. this was a good sign (as you know, i frequently judge my choice in thai restaurants based on som tom!); thumbs up!

now i want some som tom. anyone up for thai food? YES!


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