Monday, August 24, 2015

sung sim dang (성심당)

sung sim dang

what was consumed: fried soboro and chives bun!

while in daejeon, mrs. kim and i couldn't return without making at least a quick stop at sung sim dang bakery! and yes, we waited in that long long line (totally worth it!). apparently, that line is always long and that we were at the train station (where people were getting treats for those in seoul) didn't help.

sung sim dang has delicious korean-style baked goods, but i heard that it is famous for their fried soboro and their chive buns. we got to try the fried soboro straight from the kitchen - a crispy outside and a light red bean past on the inside. delicious. and the chive bun! the light garlic-y flavor sang through without being too mushy or stringy in texture, all seasoned so well in the soft bun.

we made sure to bring treats back for the office and even on the second day, the fried soboro was super delish. must go back again!


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