Saturday, August 8, 2015

mirak chicken (미락 치킨)

mirak chicken (미락 치킨)
39-2 chebu-dong, jongno-gu, seoul
tel: +82 2-736-6741

what was consumed: garlic chicken! and regular fried chicken and noodles and and and ...

one of my favorite chicken places is near the main palace (i.e., near work) and their fried chicken is delish. i actually like the regular fried chicken best, but when you go, be sure to order their garlic chicken. you will be stinking of garlic for days on end after consumption, but it's so worth it. it's made to order, so it take a few minutes, but totally worth it. especially when you hear the sizzle of the garlic sauce on the freshly fried chicken as the server brings it to your table. YUM.

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