Friday, August 28, 2015

casablanca sandwicherie

casablanca sandwicherie

what was consumed: moroccan chicken sandwich, lamb sandwich, carrot salad, tomato salad ... all delish!

sometimes (lots of times?) i just want a sandwich. some good bread (and, mind you, i'm no connoisseur), some good fillings, lots of veggies. my friend with a more discriminating palate (at least for bread - she grew up in france!) told me she wanted to check out casablanca for some sandwiches. who was i to disagree! 

casablanca is located in the popular hae-bang-chon area which is rather convenient, but dangerous as i'm likely to visit casablanca regularly.

i've never been to morocco, though i hope to some day. and so, i don't know how "authentic" the moroccan chicken sandwiches flavors are. what i do know is that the moroccan chicken sandwich is delicious. the flavors, the delicious bread, the fried potato inside, and and and ... i've definitely wished for multiple bellies so that i could eat more.

i always see posters for music performances on their window. i want to check it out! i've been so lazy (apologies)! but who am i kidding. i don't need any excuse to grab me a casablanca sandwich. YUM!!!


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