Monday, August 10, 2015

서촌 친구네

서촌 친구네
jongno-gu chebu-dong
tel: +82-2-720-4763

what was consumed: steamed seafood (해물 찜)

there's a street of restaurants that is near the area by the palace, by work the street has a name, but i (of course) forgot what it's called. whoops. anyway, m and i were one day thinking about what we wanted to eat and came across 서촌 친구네. really, we saw a couple of ajushis sitting outside, chatting over a pot of steamed seafood, sharing a bottle of soju. and we said, "yes. that's what we want." mind you, we had already eaten (but our behavior was not out of the ordinary. hahaha).

we ordered the small, enough for 2 folks. had we not already eaten, we would've ordered a medium. once you order, the server will bring out a burner for the table, the bowl for steaming, and then a basket of all sorts of seafood. and some greens. and even an egg! YUM.

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