Wednesday, August 5, 2015

burger b

burger b
서울시 종로구 중학동 19 (더케이트원 타워 지하1층) 
tel: 070-4530-9260

what was consumed: burgers! and fries. of course!

when looking for some american-ish eats, colleagues and i will frequently think about going to burger b for lunch. friends swear by the gorganzola burger or the miso, but sometimes i just want a simple burger. 

i also like going to burger b for fries. who doesn't? they do regular and sweet potato fries, though the sweet potato fries are thicker than the regular fries (i, personally, like regular fries better, regardless what the health nuts say! hehehe)

for those who are looking for something different, no worries! burger b also offers a variety of other options. chicken sandwiches, salads, etc. and beer! i hear their beer selection is not one to turn your nose at. i trust the people who told me that!

word to the wise: burger b is a super popular place for folks to go to for lunch. keep that in mind if you're in a rush or if you have a larger group. that said, the restaurant is pretty spacious and can seat larger groups. so, be patient, mind the wait staff, and have a delicious time! in the least, have a delicious time for me. thanks! 


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