Sunday, August 16, 2015

sung-buk-dong meh-mil soo-jeh-bi (성북동메밀수제비)

성북동메밀 수제비
281-1 sungbuk-dong, seoul
tel: +82-2-764-0707

what was consumed: chicken soup! and spicy noodles. and korean pancake.

one of my favorite korean dishes is 백숙 (baek-sook), whole chicken stuffed with sweet rice, cooked for a long time until everything is super tender and yummy (at home, i make it with boatloads of garlic. YES). it's a delicate dish, imo, seasoned to one's liking with good salt and fresh pepper once served. 

sung-buk-dong meh-mil soo-jeh-bi offers baek-sook that is super delish. and that, later, toasted sweet rice is served with the chicken makes it so delicious. and be sure to consider some of their other fares - the spicy noodles and the pancake are personal favorites. and the bahn-chan! delicious. must go back ... !!!

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