Saturday, August 22, 2015

shin-do kahl-gook-soo (신도 칼국수)

shin-do kahl-gook-soo (신도 칼국수)
대전광역시 동구 대전로 825번 길 11 (정동 30-16)
tel: +82-42-253-6799

what was consumed: noodles! 

i got to go to dae-jeon ... for work! mrs. kim and i head to the city about 90 minutes outside of seoul (by ktx) to give a talk. what a great opportunity! and while there, i insisted that we try some of the local fare. i was told that shin-do kahl-gook-soo is one of the "must eats," and prepared in a way that is special to dae-jeon.

kahl-gook-soo is korea's version of (usually) handmade flour noodles in a thick (usually seafood) broth. this dish is especially great on cold days, though in korea, they also believe that enjoying hot things on hot days actually cools you down (i'm not yet sold on this, though i've advised people on this in the past. ha!). shin-do kahl-gook-soo uses an anchovy base (i think) for their broth, so it's a little different, a little deeper, in terms of its flavor. all of it delicious. i also love the kimchee that you get to enjoy at kahl-gook-soo restaurants. usually fresh (that is, less pickled), just the way i like it. shin-do kahl-gook-soo offers radish kimchee, a little different from the more common cabbage kimchee. all in all, totally delicious. a must visit when in dae-jeon!

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